"Bang" is a popular card game in the setting of classic westerns: you are waiting for gunfights, drinking, cheating, Indians, skirmishes between representatives of the law and its violators. The game is distinguished by the simplicity of the rules, dynamic and sharp gameplay, intrigue, many roles and a slight resemblance to the "Mafia". The goal of the game will be different from what role you will get, which already makes this game quite original.
For the Sheriff, the main task is to get rid of all the bandits and the renegade;
For the Bandits - to get rid of the representatives of the law, although they also like to shoot each other so that they get more money!
For the Deputies, protect the sheriff and the law at all costs!
For the Renegade - to become the new sheriff, but for this you have to kill everyone and stay alive alone ...
Accordingly, the game ends in two cases, because of the death of the sheriff - either the bandits or the renegade win, because of the death of all violators of the order, the forces of law and order win.
Each player receives a tablet, where his game progress will be noted, players openly receive roles in the form of cards (just like in Mafia!)․
The sheriff reveals his card, showing everyone his role. But the rest of the players will not be able to do this. Bluffing, however, is allowed, all players openly receive character cards and get acquainted with their abilities, all players receive as many bullets as indicated on the character card. And the Sheriff always gets one more than indicated․
The game deck is shuffled, each player is given as many cards as there are bullets on their tablet, the rest of the game elements can be removed, they will no longer be needed.
The game consists of moves, and each move consists of three phases. Players take turns starting with the Sheriff.
After passing through all the phases, the player's turn is passed on:
1. Draw phase - the player draws the top 2 cards from the deck. If the deck runs out, the cards are shuffled again.
2. Play Phase - Players play any number of cards, except for a couple of exceptions.
Remember that blue-bordered cards are permanent and placed in front of you, while brown-bordered cards are one-time cards and go to the discard pile․
3. Discard phase - after playing all the cards you wanted to play, it's time to discard the extra cards.
At the end of your turn, you can have as many cards as your remaining health points.
There are a number of simple but important rules that should not be forgotten․
On your turn, you can play only 1 “Bang” card, that is, only 1 attack is allowed․
You cannot have multiple identical cards on the table. You can use only one weapon.
Cards «Бэнг!»«Мимо!» and «Пиво» can be played out of turn under certain circumstances:
«Бэнг!» protects in a duel and from the Indians․
«Пиво» will allow you not to die when your last health point is removed․
«Мимо!» rejects a "Bang!" card directed at you.
«Пиво» cannot be played when the last 2 players are left alive in the game;
«Тюрьма» cannot be played on the Sheriff.