Winning this game is easy.
Two players will bombard you with questions and you must answer as many questions as possible in the allotted time. While answering some questions out loud, collect the other answers on the cube and keep track of the time. to turn the hourglass on time. Decide who will be the active player. This player takes all cubes. The participant to the right of the active player becomes a written interrogator and takes a red card. The player to the left of the active player becomes the verbal interrogator and draws a blue card.
Another player keeps track of the time. He picks up an hourglass and the hourglass card.
If there are only three of you, the written examiner keeps track of the time.
The game consists of 3 stages.
First round
When everyone is ready, the written interrogator reads the first question on the red card.
When he says the whole question, the watchman turns the hourglass and places it on the first place of the hourglass card. Immediately after this, the oral interrogator reads the first question on the blue card. It is important that interrogators never ask questions at the same time. the active player answers the questions on the red card: "writing" the answers with dice. Just find the correct letters on the sides of the cube and make a word with them.
Having collected the answer word, show it to the interrogator in writing.
The answer to each question must consist of 3 or 4 letters. But before the game, you can agree accept longer answers.
Second round
When each player has been in the active player role once, the second round begins. It follows the same rules as the first, with one exception. the active player himself must say when to turn the clock.
Third round
After each participant is an active player for the second time, the third (final) round begins. It follows the same rules as secondly, with one exception, the timekeeper covers the hourglass with a box lid so that the active player cannot see it.
You will have to estimate the remaining time based on your sense of time and ask the timekeeper to turn the clock back on time.
Each player adds up his victory points after the third round.
The player with the most victory points is declared the winner.