If this is your first time playing this game, put all expansion cards aside.
Each player receives 2 starting cards of the enterprise («Пекарня» and «Пшеничное поле») and puts it in front of him, face up.
Each player receives 4 starting cards of attractions («Вокзал», «Торговый центр», «Парк развлечений» and «Радиовышка»)
and puts it in front of him, face down.
Starting cards form the city of the participants.
Each player receives 3 coins with a face value of "1".
Place all remaining coins in the bank so that all players have access to them.
Sort the reserve cards and place them side by side so that all players have access to them.
The game starts with the one who recently went out of town.
Players move clockwise, starting with the first player. The player making a move is called the active player.
The active player's turn consists of two phases.
1. Income stage
2. Construction phase
In the income phase, the active player rolls 1 die and depending on the result, all players can receive income.
The number at the top of the card indicates which dice result the card's effect can be applied to.
And the text below indicates when the effect works.
The effect of the card also depends on where the player takes the coins, from the bank or from the opponent.
During the construction phase, players can perform one of the following 3 actions:
1. Create 1 new business
2. Create 1 new landmark
3. Refuse to create
By choosing to create a new enterprise, the player pays the bank the cost of that enterprise,
after which he takes the corresponding card and places it in his city. Now that card can bring him income.
Important: the player can place one of each of the businesses with a sign in his city, and those without a sign can collect as much as possible.
After choosing to create a landmark, the player pays the bank for the landmark, then turns the corresponding card over in their city, face up.
The game ends when one of the players creates the 4th landmark in their city. This player is also considered the winner.