Conex is a competition for those who want to prove their ingenuity at the table or sitting on the floor.
For the first time, the playing area affects the game. the smaller it is, the higher the difficulty.
Conex rules are simple. place multicolored cards in special Conex corners on top of other cards and get victory points for it. 
There are only two restrictions: the cards must not go off the field and must match each other․ But here you have to be cunning and not only try to collect as many points as possible, but also place the cards in such a way that other participants cannot get points at their expense. Place the playing field in the center of the table. 
The player chooses one of the colored tiles and places it on the starting back of the playing field.
The youngest player gets a starting card. and puts it in front of him (you'll need it later).
Each player is given 5 cards, they must be kept so that the other players do not see them. Place the remaining deck of cards face down on the table with the chips and dice next to it. Now you can start the game!
All cards have colored Conex corners. Required place the cards so that the corner of the Conex equally cover the colored corner of the board or another already placed playing card. The number on the corner of the cone is the winning point. The other Conex angle numbers on that card are not taken into account. If there is a dice symbol on your playing card, you first get victory points, then you must roll the dice. The symbols on the dice are։
One card token-draw 1 card from the deck.
Two Card token-Draw 2 cards from the deck․
Lightning token-you remove a card already placed on the field.
Doubling token-allows to double the unit of the inserted card.
The game ends when one player reaches the end of the scoring track or when none of the players can place any more cards due to lack of space on the table. The player with the most victory points wins.