"Rummikub. "No Limits" board game invites two to four players to show their wits while building digital collections.
At the beginning of the game, each participant receives fourteen chips and places them on the stand. 
The task of the player is to get rid of all his chips as quickly as possible, forming rows or groups of them. 
A row is a collection of consecutive numbers of the same color, and a group is several chips of the same number.
Another important rule. for each move, the player has exactly one minute. If no action is taken within the time limit, the player receives three additional chips on his base as a penalty. As soon as someone puts their last chip on the table, the round ends and the other players count the remaining chips. The sum of all numbers is calculated to the winner as the winning point.
Despite the simple rules, Rummikub is a very subtle strategic intelligence game. 
If you add numbers quickly and know how to pre-calculate your actions and those of your opponent, then this board game will surely appeal to you.