The Perfect Shoot is a family board game about photoshoots and a fancy party. In the game, you are the photographer who, taking into account the wishes of the guests, some of which are hidden, must get an ideal shot. The more guests are satisfied with the photo you received, the more victory points you will collect. Players get 14 figurines of guests each, with which they collect a scene for a photo.
Then they open the envelopes in which the guests' preferences are written in order, place the guest's character in his preferred part of the playing field, put the card back in the envelope and exchange envelopes according to the rules of the given round.
You can also secretly place a "special guest" card in an envelope so that players who find it later receive additional points.
There is also an auction mode in the game, which complicates the process of exchanging information about preferences.
In this mode you can trade for information using food tokens as currency.
The game lasts six rounds, at the end of each of which you can change the location of the guests in the photo.
After the 6th round, you need to take a picture of the resulting shot, keeping the camera at the level of the playing field, so that nothing extra falls into the frame.
Then you calculate the victory points according to the fulfilled wishes of the guests present in the game area.
If all preferences of the guest are not satisfied, he takes 3 points from you, 1 point for each preference,
3 points for two preferences, 6 for three preferences․
The photographer with the most victory points wins: in whose circle there will be more guests.