The rules are simple: collect the best combination of cards to be the leader at the end of the given round․ But at any moment the rules can change and the winning combination can become a losing one. At the end of the round, if there is no leader, the participant is out of the game, the last one who is not out of the round wins. There are 49 cards in the box with numbers 1-7 and 7 colors of the rainbow. 6 is lower than 7, but 6 red is greater than orange because orange is after red in the rainbow. The order of colors is as follows: Red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, purple.
You have to consider the unit first, then the color.
At the beginning of the game, 7 playing cards are distributed to the participants. Then 1 random card is placed in front of each participant:  face up. It is the first card of the given participant's palette. The starting card is placed in the center of the table.
Each player in turn must perform one of these actions:
1․ Add one card from your hand to your deck
2․ Place one of the cards in your hand on the starting card, changing the current rules of the game.
3․ Place one of the cards in your hand on the cards of your own palette, and the other on the starting card, changing the rules of the game.
4․ Surrender and lose. This move can be beneficial for you only if you are playing on the hard version and want to reduce the number of victory points of your opponent.