A terrible thing has happened: it is a global catastrophe, the end of the world, an apocalypse.
In order to survive, you urgently need to enter the bunker, but there are many people in your group, enough for everyone inside
no food or space. And you may not only survive, but also become a hero to save others.
Thus, players get several characteristic cards: profession, health, hobby, etc.
You open the cards in turn, get to know each other and decide who will be useful for survival in the bunker․
1. Deal Character Cards: Deal face-up to each player 1 random card from the decks
Professions, Biology, Health, Hobbies, Luggage and Facts - 6 cards in total. You will open cards
characters one in each round and gradually find out information about each other. One of the cards
each player will remain closed until the end of the game.
2. Deal out Special Conditions cards: deal out 1 card face down to each. Special Conditions Cards
can be played by players at any time, according to the text and meaning of the card. These are usually strong
effects that can turn the tide in the game. Use them wisely at the best moment.
Examine your cards, but don't show them to each other. As you play, you will gradually unlock
your cards from your hand in front of you on the table․
3. Distribute voting forms: 1 sheet for each player. You will need a pen to take notes.
or a pencil.
4. Reveal a random Catastrophe card: place the card in the center of the table. Read the card text
aloud or scan the QR code and listen to the audio.
5. Deal 5 random Bunker cards: face down in one row to the right of the Catastrophe card․
The game is played in 5 rounds. The round consists of Bunker Exploration, Open Card Round and may
include up to two Votes if they are indicated in the Table of Rounds and voting forms․
The player who dealt the cards becomes the first active player and starts the 1st round․
At each Vote, one player is eliminated - he becomes exiled.