"Industry" is an economic board game based on the original auction mechanic.
You have to act in four stages as a rich tycoon who strives to get ahead of the competition, earn as much money as possible, acquire and upgrade various enterprises, process and extract resources.
At the start of the game, each player receives a starting factory, a random industrialist card, a set of capital discs, and the corresponding player token. The starting enterprise card determines the amount and type of resources available to that player.
Each round will consist of two rounds. In the auction phase, a certain number of cards are revealed from the deck of business cards and the auction begins. Using equity discs, players seek to place the highest bet on the venture card that they currently consider to be the most profitable for them. After all capital disks have been distributed, the results of the auction are summarized. the players who placed the highest bets receive the corresponding enterprises, the rest receive a "compensation", the amount of which is indicated on each enterprise card.
The production phase is the next phase where players use the construction cards in their asset to acquire and craft resources. 
By focusing on the conditions indicated on the cards, you can earn money for processing resources, or use them to upgrade enterprises.
When the production phase ends, the game phase is considered complete. The game lasts four rounds, for which there is a special counter. 
After the end of the fourth round, each player counts the money earned. Whoever has the most money wins. In the event of a tie, whoever has the most business cards wins. If there is a tie here, the winner is the player with the most resources left․
You will also find options in the game rules designed to make the game more difficult for more experienced players.