Who wants to take over the whole world? Pirates, ninjas, zombies, robots or aliens with wizards?
Yes, actually, all of them!
However, they do not want to climb into the Big Zames one by one, so they join their forces.
The trick is simple - take two factions, make a killer mix out of them and rush into battle! There are so many combinations that each time the world will be captured by new incredible villains - as many as eight factions!
Super abilities for mixing each faction do not take - wizards conjure new actions, zombies in the graves are only passing through, and someone else guessed to give the dinosaurs heavy weapons.
The goal is to mix your deck from two factions, capture the most bases and annoy your opponents along the way!
Are you still waiting? Grab a friend, or a trio of buddies - you can play as a duel, or four of you - choose factions and arrange a real battle!
Each player chooses 2 factions and shuffles them into one 40-card deck.
Take 5 cards into your hand. Put one base per player on the table, plus one more (for example, 5 bases in a 4-player game).
Set the victory point cards aside - they will come in handy after capturing first base. Each player draws 5 cards from their deck.
If no henchmens come into your hand, reveal your cards, discard them, and draw another 5 cards. You can't exchange them even if there are no henchmen. The one who got up earlier today goes first. The right to move is transferred clockwise.
After playing a card, do what it says. See if the bases can be captured. If possible, conduct a capture and distribution of points.
Take 2 cards. If there are more than 10 cards in your hand, discard the extra ones. If after you've finished playing cards, the total strength of all henchmens in the base is equal to its defense (or more), this base is ready to be captured.
The player with the highest strength on this base receives points for first place, the next one for second, and the next - for the third. Apply the property of the base, drop all the henchmens from it and open a new base. 
If at the end of any turn a player has scored 15 points or more, he wins. If multiple players score 15 or more points, 
the leader in points wins. If a there is no leader, play until he appears.